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Print Design & Web Design for Sacred Sacrament Keepsake Book

In Partnership with the Sacrament Keepsake Team

Beautifully Designed Keepsake Book that Encourages Cherishing Sacramental Life

I was approached by a cheerful woman by the name of Carol Sawicki who felt the Holy Spirit was nudging her to create something special. Child development keepsake journals were a thing. How much did the baby weigh at birth? What was her first word? When did he lose his first tooth? But what about a keepsake to record dates and details about someone receiving the sacraments? Carol was inspired, so she did something about it.

She reached out to me to design her book. After we discussed her desires for the look-and-feel and content of the book, I got to work. I put together a small brand guide to help guide me on the rest of the design process. The Keepsake design went smoothly and quickly.

Simple, Reverent, Timeless, Catholic


  1. Strategy

  2. User Persona

  3. Mood Board

  4. Logo & Brand System Design

  5. Journal Design

  6. Information Architecture

  7. Site Mapping

  8. Wireframing

  9. Visual Design

  10. Development

  11. Testing

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