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Print Design for Mass Activity Workbook

In Partnership with Cana Family Institute

Using Print Design to Engage Kids’ Imagination During Mass

Cana Family Institute (CFI) is all about building strong families rooted in virtues and steady relationships. They write spiritual growth material for moms, dads, and more. They’re making a tremendously positive impact on a culture that actively seeks to destroy the bedrock of society: the family.

CFI was developing an activity book titled, Next Sunday Ideas. This book helps (primarily) moms put together activities for their children based on each Sunday’s Gospel. This includes a reflection, outline for an activity that fosters growth in faith, materials list, and more.

CFI approached Chrism Studio to bring this book to life.

Playful, Reverent, Feminine


  1. Strategy

  2. User Persona

  3. Mood Board

  4. Logo & Brand System Design

  5. Journal Design

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