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Why you should start putting "Saint" in front of your name

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

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What is a Catholic saint?

According to the USCCB: Saints are persons in heaven (officially canonized or not), who lived heroically virtuous lives, offered their life for others, or were martyred for the faith, and who are worthy of imitation.

We hold the saints in high esteem because they achieved the ultimate goal we strive for. We adorn our walls, necks, and fireplace mantles with their images to be constantly reminded of their holiness and in turn, inspire ourselves and others to holiness.

Gold, Old, Cold Statues

Despite our closeness to their images, we have a distant perception of the saints. They’ve been dead for a long time. Most of us have never met someone who has been canonized. Saints did and endured incredible things that we can only dream of doing ourselves, like serving the poor halfway around the world or being tortured to death because of a refusal to deny Christ. We can feel like a mustard seed admiring a mustard tree. As much as we want to be like them, the saints can be tremendously unrelatable, creating a disconnect.

However, saints were real people who lived real lives too. Who not only did heroic things, but also slept, ate, drank, got sick, bathed, and cleaned their homes. They went on walks, spent time with friends and family, ran businesses, changed diapers, sang, read books, and took care of animals. These people frequented Confession, prayed a lot, and went to Mass. These are activities that you and I do too.

Attaining Heaven = Being a Saint… So Act Like One Right Now

I will always come back to this question: What is the point of life? The answer, at least for us Catholics, is to get to Heaven and spend an eternity with God. Each of us hopes to get to Heaven. But as mentioned, this is otherwise known as becoming a saint. So logically, you should want to become a saint. How do you become a saint? By living a heroically virtuous life, offer your life for others, always be prepared for martyrdom, and be worthy of imitation.

You are called to be a saint right now. Not after you’re dead. Right now.

Saint [Your Name Here]

If you’re going to strive to act as a saint right now, perhaps there is value in calling yourself “Saint [your name]”. Saint Emily of Wisconsin. Saint Thomas of Indianapolis. Saint Caroline of Steubenville. Saint John of El Paso. Patron of computers. Patron of cars. Patron of real estate. Patron of engineering. Go ahead. Try it. One day, people might be calling you by that title.

You might find discomfort in doing this. That’s understandable. We all feel wretched from time to time, sometimes constantly. However, it is important to be wary of scrupulosity. For as much as you feel you are undeserving of God’s mercy, you are probably more worthy of it than you think. Salvation through faith is a thing.

You want to go to Heaven, right? This might be your title someday. It’s time to get comfortable with it.

On the other hand, the opposite applies. Practicing putting “saint” in front of your name is not to inflate egos or encourage presumption of salvation. For as awesome as you think you are, you’re still a sinner and are probably overdue for Confession. Don’t forget there’s salvation through works too!

Humility is knowing exactly who you are in the eyes of God. Nothing more, nothing less.

Inspiring Sainthood

Perhaps the biggest benefit of doing this is growing motivation and inspiring courage. When I call myself “Saint Emily,” I immediately want to live up to the title. I think of all the good deeds I could do and I want to do them! I can see myself being less afraid of trials, big or small. I want to say “Yes” to God, even though it’s hard. I want to offer higher-quality designs to my clients, even if it would take more energy. I feel a nudge to start that Bible Study, even though that would take more time. I want to reach out to a friend who has fallen away from the faith, even though it’s scary. I want to be a better wife to my husband, even though that takes sacrifice. I feel myself being less concerned with what others think of me and more about what I can do to live up to the name.

Lastly, I try to think of the incomprehensible pleasure and peace of entering Heaven with Christ one day. That’s pretty motivating.

So let’s get used to the idea that we’re all future saints and maybe start acting like it today.


What do you think about all of this? What do you feel when you call yourself “Saint [Your name]?” Do you think this is prudent? Do you think this is dangerous? Or do you think this would be a benefit to yourself and others? Share your thoughts below!

Should we think more about our future saintly titles?

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